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Bugzilla Information
Please note that Bugzilla should only be used to report bugs, and bugs alone. Please do not make any feature requests on Bugzilla. The appropriate board on the Amnuts Message Board is a much better sounding board for those ideas. If a feature enhancement is posted to the board by anyone who is not part of the Amnuts Core Team then it will deleted.

If you do have a feature/enhancement that you'd like to see worked into future versions of Amnuts then please post them on the above message board. The Core Team will try to review and merit all ideas. The ideas that all agree upon will try to be worked into the code.

CVS Information
For anonymous CVS access to the Amnuts source, use a cvs root of:

To checkout Amnuts do:

cvs -d checkout amnuts

Or to stay on the Amnuts 2.3.0 branch:

cvs -d checkout -r amnuts230 -d amnuts230 amnuts

Then you can just use cvs in that directory freely to make diffs for attaching to bugzilla and/or keeping your tree up-to-date. For example:

cvs diff -u
cvs update

For help on CVS you might want to check out one of these sites: